Hi Saints!

I have been blessed to be your pastor for 10 years. We have journeyed far and done much for the cause of Christ in our area. As members of the Body of Christ in Williamsport, we have glorified God by our ministries and our individual engagement with the world around us. John Wesley, the founder of our denomination, once said, “The world is my parish”. I believe we have lived into that mindset and our actions have borne that out. We are a community church now, with ministries that meet people where they are and walk alongside them. There are also options for those in the community to come in and worship, serve, and receive blessings from us through the Shepherd’s Table and Clothes of Hope Ministries. We have classes for children, youth, and adults with specific bible studies for special seasons of the year. Williamsport United Methodist Church is a blessing and the biggest blessing has been given to me as you have allowed me to lead you into God’s vision for this time.

As those of you who are viewing this while checking out our website may NOT know is that my time of journeying with you is coming to a close. In our denomination, pastors walk alongside a local church for a certain amount of time and then are moved to a new area where their gifts and graces can help other churches who are in need of those same things. The time is soon coming for me to travel to a new area and strive to be faithful to a new family of faith. Though I will miss all of my church family so much, I am excited to share that the Rev. Dr. Ray Roberson has been prayerfully chosen to lead the church into it’s next chapter of growth and success. I will remain pastor here until June 30, though I will actively be working with your new incoming pastor to make the transition of pastors as smooth as possible.

For those who may be reading this and looking for a church home, I invite you to check out Williamsport United Methodist Church! Pastor Ray is already preparing and planning for the future where YOU will be welcomed to come and worship, serve, pray, and be blessed! Come and grow with us! It is a new start and a new day. You and your family can be a part of a new adventure where we learn about God, each other, and the community around us together.

Here’s to the Journey!

Pastor Susan