Hello Saints!
As we enter into this holy season of Advent, Christmas and into a New Year, this last part of our calendar year will go very quickly. In fact, After Thanksgiving, the year almost seems to roll like a snowball through December and into January. So, let me wish you a few things as the year begins to wind down.
I wish you:
ENOUGH – Enough for you to share with another who has less than enough.
JOY – The joy of Christmas in your heart every day of the year
ANTICIPATION – looking ever forward to the next blessing – the next opportunity – the next good thing that God will provide (because He will!)
NEWNESS – the newness of life that comes from a relationship with Christ
A PROBLEM – that you might look to God for the solution
A BREEZE – so you will be reminded of the Holy Spirit that blows through your life
POCKET CHANGE – so you can buy a stranger a cup of coffee and become friends
A FLASHLIGHT – that you might light way for another who is in darkness (of every kind)
MUSIC – for it is the prayer the heart sings straight to the heart of God
And LOVE – because without love, none of those other things will change your life. However WITH love, these things can change the world!
Pastor Susan