A Note From Susan
I am writing this as I am approximately halfway through the season of Lent. I have chosen to give up something AND add something for my Lenten regimen. That is what I am supposed to do. Lent has always been an important part of my life and counting the days between Ash Wednesday and Resurrection dawn has always been marked by doing something different. Sometimes it was increasing, sometimes it was abstaining, but always it was something different than my everyday life.
But that is only part of the Lenten story, friends! Throughout this year, I am trying to help us understand the “why” of ministry, salvation, and service. “How” we do these things is evident in the ministries that unfold in the life of our church. However, the “why” of ministry is not as easily identified. The same is true with our Lenten observance. We might know “how” to do Lent. (By adding something or taking something away from our normal life). The question that still lingers is “why” do we do these things during Lent?
We do these things because these are tried and true ways of drawing one step closer to God. During this time of year, we are invited to put aside the things of the world that seem O, so important the rest of the year. We are invited to shift our focus from ourselves and what we want to God and what God wants for us. We are invited to be as serious about God as God is about us everyday. We fast from something and place an extra focus on God with the time or energy or money or will that has been freed up because of our fasting. When we add something to our schedule, we draw near to God, needing God’s provision to help us find the time, energy, money or will to do the things we have added to our lives.
There are still, as of this writing, several more weeks to draw near to Christ as he draws nearer and nearer to the cross – the cross that Christ will die on for us and for our salvation. I wish you a continued HOLY Lent and I hope you ask and seek the “why” before you do or say the things that will help count the days to Easter.
I Remain Yours…and His,
Pastor Susan