And do not forget to do good and share with others, for such sacrifices are pleasing to God. ~ Hebrews 13: 16

Hello Saints!
Fall has arrived and with it comes the many blessings of a change of season. Leaves are changing (and falling off), sweaters and coats now take prominence where shorts and bathing suits held sway just a while ago. Extra covers are placed on beds and families come together for holidays and gatherings like Halloween, Thanksgiving, and ultimately, Christmas.

As we move into these last months of the year and the activities that brings family together, I invite us to give thanks for the people we love and spend our time with. Perhaps the first order of business on Thanksgiving this year should be to give thanks for those around our table, the food that fills our space, and the roof over our heads that holds our blessings, both tangible and intangible. However, let us also be mindful of those who are not with us because of illness, those who have no family to speak of and at these joyous times of year, find themselves reminded of their loneliness and not their blessings.

The question, especially as the holidays near, is: Is there room at our table for someone who needs a meal, a family, or a place they can call home? Is there room in our family for a friend in need or a neighbor who seems alone in the world? Is there room in my LIFE for another?

Jesus lived his life among us in that exact way. He taught his followers to make room for those in need and extended love to all. He reminded us that God ALWAYS has room at the table for one more and he gave up his life for another…for all others….for us!

I imagine some of you have already started Christmas shopping, or at least have ideas about your Thanksgiving Day feast. For most of us, those things are part of our tradition during this time of year. Just don’t forget about someone (and we ALL know someone) for whom this time of year is hard, because of grief, loneliness or need. Jesus never was too busy to extend his hand, heart, and life to those who were forgotten….
Let us go, and do likewise.

His…and Yours,
Pastor Susan