We Are

A Family of Faith located in Williamsport, Md. Like all other families, we are not perfect. We don’t know all the answers. Some days, we don’t even know all the questions but we try, with the Lord’s help to be better -to serve better and to love better today than yesterday.

We Believe

In God, who created us, loves us, and wants to be in a relationship with us.

In Jesus Christ, God’s Son, who came to the world to show us who God is, how God loves, and to make a way for us through his death on a cross to regain that relationship that our sin messed up!

In the Holy Spirit, God’s Power, who is among us and wants to breathe God’s life into each day to empower us to live in victory in spite of what happens in the world.

In Grace. Grace is a gift. We can’t earn, beg, borrow or steal it. God loves us just because he can. Just because he chooses to. And this unconditional love by the God of the universe is available to everyone. That’s why it is called Grace. That unearned, unmerited, undeserved love of God for the world. For me. For YOU.

In Forgiveness. God is the God of second chances. None of us is perfect and God knows that. But God also knows who we can be, with his help. If we go to the Lord and say we are sorry, mean it, and put our trust in Jesus, God will forgive us and put us on the better path, God’s path for us. From that moment on, come what may, we will never be alone again.

In the Bible, God’s Word for us. The Bible is our Handbook for Life! God, through human authors, gives us the tools to be faithful, forgiven, and free to live a life of meaning and purpose. It is a chronicle of God’s love story with God’s creation. It is a book of God’s promises and God ALWAYS keeps his promises.

Our History

1801 – Williamsport was one of 20 societies forming the Frederick Circuit Riders. Williamsport continued to be part of the Frederick Circuit until 1813, when a plot of land on Potomac Street was purchased for $85.00. A Methodist Episcopal Church was to be built on that land. Between 1846 and 1847 the Trustees of the Methodist Episcopal Church bought property on Church Street and built the present church. During the Civil War, the church was used to quarter soldiers, and later, when our African Americans were not allowed to worship without a “white person” present, Williamsport Church provided such an influence. From our early days, Williamsport Church believed that ALL are welcomed into Gods House!

1931 – the Methodist Episcopal Church North and South, with the Methodist Protestant Church united to become the Methodist Church. In 1968 the Methodist church united with the Evangelical United Brethren Church to become the United Methodist Church.

1991 – The year of rennovation. A memorial garden was reestablished, the sanctuary was enlarged, new pews, altar, lectionaries, cross and altar paraments were purchased and installed, classrooms were enlarged and remodeled, and offices for the Pastor and staff were moved to the Education Building.

Current – Williamsport United Methodist Church is a beautiful, modern church, with Sunday School rooms, a lounge area, sacristy, choir loft, with room for all who are looking for a spiritual place to call “home”. We want to make YOU a part of our ongoing history. Come and grow with us as we move into new levels of service, worship, mission and love of Jesus Christ, through the power of the Holy Spirit.

We are a family that thrives on relationship: relationship with God, through Christ and relationship with one another in Christ's name. Join Us!